The Utrecht Organ Archive in the future

In Utrecht, education and research on the organ flourishes: dissertations and papers on the instrument are produced by both scholars and students. The monumental organs of the Netherlands are world-famous, and there is great interest in Dutch organ culture among musicians, musicologists, culture historians, and music and art lovers in general both in the Netherlands and abroad. Indeed, this wide interest from all walks of life is reflected in many organ restorations. Elsewhere in the Netherlands too, organ research is being undertaken.

Utrecht University wishes to foster this tradition of research and education, begun by Maarten Albert Vente. Essential to this aim is the conservation, enlargement and presentation via Internet of the Utrecht Organ Archive. Unfortunately, however, Dutch educational establishments have only limited funds at their disposal for tasks related to archives and documentation. For this reason, the Maarten Albert Vente Utrecht Organ Archive Foundation wishes to provide support.