The Legêne Archive

Inventory of the Johannes Legêne Archive (in Dutch)

The work of Johannes G. Legêne (1915-1996) was of inestimable significance for the development of organ building and restoration in the Netherlands from ca. 1950. He is best known for a series of articles which he published with Lambert Erné in 1948 in “Het Orgel”, in which they denounced the work of the organ advisory committees of the time. With a number of companions, he managed to introduce an entirely new approach, in which historical awareness was to play a key role. The Legêne Archive gives a good impression of his pioneering work and the difficulties he encountered. It contains ca. 1300 text documents and ca. 150 photographs and drawings.

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Sketch by Legêne of the former organ in the Hervormde Kerk in Lochem (1951) (l)
and a manuscript on the organ builders Gilmann (1972) (r)

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Photos from the Knipscheer organ in the Gereformeerde Kerk at Strijen.